Cirque Dreams Rocks: A Broadway Hit Returns to Cancun!

Nadia El-Sharkawy

Cirque Dreams Rocks in Cancun


Get ready for singers, music and dance! Cirque Dreams Rocks, a Las Vegas-style show, brought directly from Broadway, returns this summer to the Moon Palace hotel, in Cancun.

Cirque Dreams Rocks returns to Cancun!Admire acrobats performing to the most popular Rock 'n' Roll hits in a colorful environment during this fantastical musical. The show's impressive mix of light and sound will awaken all of your senses, while your heart will beat in time to the rhythm of the songs. Amazing trapeze artists will leave you breathless with excitement as they appear to fly around the stage, while the dancers will have you spellbound with the magical choreography on show. If all that wasn't enough, you'll also see lots of musicians and vocalists performing more than 20 pop and rock hits live, which are sure to have everybody on their feet.

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Cirque Dreams Rocks is a great excuse to escape for a relaxing vacation on the idyllic beaches of Mexico's Caribbean coast, enjoying a fun-filled experience at one of the many family-friendly resorts that offer a fantastic array of activities both on and off the premises. Don't miss out on the chance to see this artistic circus show, which will run exclusively from the end of June to the start of August in Cancun.



Written by Nadia El-Sharkawy