Did you know that at Coba there is a pyramid taller than the one at Chichen Itza?

Juan Pablo Pinzón

During your next beach vacation in the Riviera Maya be sure to visit lots of attractions in Playa del Carmen, enjoy fun adventure tours and explore incredible Mayan archeological sites. In the heart of the Riviera Maya you'll also find a Mayan pyramid, even higher than the iconic "El Castillo" (The Castle) at Chichen Itza

Pyramid at Coba


This pyramid is located at Coba, an archeological site in the Riviera Maya with numerous structures and ruins. The main pyramid at Coba is 140 feet tall, 40 feet more than the one at Chichen Itza, making it the tallest pyramid on the Yucatan Peninsula. Don't miss out on the chance to discover this incredible site during your next vacation in the Riviera Maya!