The International Festival of Mayan Culture Awaits you in Merida this October

Juan Pablo Pinzón

The International Festival of Mayan CulturePrepare to be amazed from October 16 thru 25 this year as the state of Yucatan, and especially its capital, Merida, is hosting one of the largest cultural festivals in the country. Inspired by the pre-Hispanic civilization that flourished in the Mexican Southeast and parts of Central America, the International Festival of Mayan Culture will boast world-class conferences, exhibitions, and artistic events.

Merida, the state capital of Yucatan

This year, the fFestival will be dedicated to science, architecture, the Mayan landscape, and the Mayan concept of time. For ten days the city of Merida will be filled with all kinds of exhibitions and displays. Researchers, authors, Mayan language specialists, academics, and speakers from Mexico and abroad will share their knowledge about the Mayan universe. The guest country will be Cuba, who will present more than 250 artists, scientists, and intellectuals, while the guest state will be Quintana Roo.

Conferences and symposiums on the Mayan universe

In addition to the conferences, symposiums, and round tables, the event will be embellished with world-class artistic performances, many of which will be shared with the International Cervantino Festival. Stand-out shows include the Laura Alonso Ballet from Cuba, on Saturday 17, and Korea Contemporary Dance Balance and Imbalance, on Sunday 18.

World-class artistic performances 

Salif Keita will present his acoustic tour of traditional African music on Tuesday 20, while on Wednesday 21 it's the turn of the Cuerpo de Indias de Colombia Dance Company. These artists will perform in the theater Teatro Peon Contreras and their shows will be similar to their performances at the International Cervantino Festival.

The International Festival of Mayan Culture 2015 

The maestro Alexei Lubimov, from Russia, one of the top pianists of recent years, will perform a recital on Friday 23. If you like jazz, you can listen to the Israeli group Marsh Dondurma, as well as to the acoustic jazz group of the Galician pianist Abe Rabade. A star of the International Cervantino Festival, Abe Rabade has also performed at the Lincoln Center in New York and is considered to be one of the best jazz artists in Spain.

The International Festival of Mayan Culture

The International Festival of Mayan Culture has become an excellent example of world-wide cultural interaction. Discover the heritage that the Mayans have left today's generation, admire the fantastic natural settings and archeological sites of Yucatan, and open your mind with the comprehensive artistic program on show here. This October you can enjoy more than 150 events, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, and shows in Merida, many of them completely free. Don't wait any longer to book your stay and we'll see you at the International Festival of Mayan Culture!

Written by Juan Pablo Pinzón