Isla Mujeres International Fishing Tournament 2014

Luis Ernesto de la Garza Carballo

Isla Mujeres International Fishing Tournament 2014

Fishing with your family in Isla MujeresThe Isla Mujeres International Fishing Tournament 2014, also known as "Cosme Alberto Martinez Magana" in honor of an important pioneer of sport fishing on Isla Mujeres, will be held for the 11th time during the weekend of May 9 - 11, 2014. This entertaining competition allows participants to enjoy Mexico's Caribbean coast and the Caribbean Sea in all its beauty, with its clear turquoise waters and white beaches, as they try to catch one of the many fascinating species that inhabit the area.

Swordfish in Isla MujeresAttracting anglers and crews from across Mexico and around the globe, this famous tournament awards more than a million Mexican pesos in prizes to competitors. With prizes including everything from boats, motorcycles, and trips to Las Vegas, to a substantial cash prize for first place, the fun of participating in this tournament is an experience well worth your time!

Catch and Release practice in Isla MujeresFeaturing the new practice of "catch and release", the tournament contributes to the conservation of Mexico's Caribbean coast's ecosystem, returning species such as marlin and sailfish back to the sea. This rule change was designed to attract conservationist anglers and to promote the destination as a host of major international fishing tournaments. The change includes the implementation of different scores and bonuses for each species released.

Sport fishing in Isla MujeresThe success of these kinds of events on Isla Mujeres has caused an increase in tourist opportunities around the island. Vacationers in the area can now enjoy a guided tour of the island, swimming with dolphins, or even snorkeling at the MUSA Underwater Museum. Every year there are more and more places to go and attractions to see during your visit to this beautiful destination!

Catch and Release swordfish in Isla MujeresIf you're a fan of sport fishing, don't wait any longer and get yourself to stunning Isla Mujeres for the beginning of May. Discover one of the most beautiful destinations on Mexico's Caribbean coast, and have a blast as you try to win one of the incredible prizes on offer. Book your trip now and enjoy the Isla Mujeres International Fishing Tournament 2014.

 By Luiser de la Garza