Theme Parks in the Riviera Maya

Tere Leetch

Theme Parks in the Riviera Maya

Immersed in the natural beauty of the spectacular Riviera Maya tourism destination, the theme parks of the Riviera Maya await you with endless activities for any traveler. Here, you'll find everything from tours of underground rivers, bird watching, dolphin swims, and snorkeling to live shows and exhilarating zip line tours.


XcaretYou need an entire day to fully enjoy Xcaret; there's so much to see and explore! The park features an underground river where you can swim and snorkel, along with a beach area and a small inlet that's perfect for swimming and relaxing with a cocktail. One of the park's most fun activities is the dolphin swim, where you'll learn all about these incredible creatures. You can also see manatees, manta rays and sea turtles up close in a natural aquarium. At Xcaret, you'll find a butterfly sanctuary, an orchid greenhouse, a replica of a henequen hacienda and a small zoo complete with jaguars. At lunchtime, a variety of dishes at the park's restaurants offer something for everyone.


Xel-Ha tourSwim and snorkel all day long at this breathtaking natural aquarium. Xel-Ha bay and Xel-Ha river are both filled with infinite tropical freshwater and saltwater fish. Along the river, you'll find several platforms for resting and enjoying the views, or you can float along in an inner tube.

Take full advantage of this unforgettable experience with a dolphin swim, without a doubt an enriching learning opportunity for adults and kids alike. The park also has numerous restaurants and bars where you can savor delicious Mexican cuisine, snacks and an international buffet.


Xplor tourIf you love heights and excitement, this is sure to be your favorite spot! At Xplor, you'll experience fun from beginning to end as you view the heart of the Riviera Maya from every angle.

Start the day with a six-mile drive in an amphibious vehicle taking you through caverns, then hop onto a raft to explore two routes through amazing rock formations. Once you're out of the water, get ready to enjoy the jungle from up high; this Riviera Maya theme park has 14 zip lines to fly down at top speeds. Ready for this adventure?

Río Secreto

Rio Secreto tourYour experience at Rio Secreto will be thrilling and enriching. Discover the beauty of the magicalunderground rivers in the Riviera Maya, filled with stalactites and stalagmites formed over millions of years. In a fascinating contrast, the surface is covered in lush jungle, home to numerous plants and diverse insects, birds, reptiles, mammals and felines. This intriguing natural park is an incredible example of sustainable tourism, perfect for eco tours.

Written by Tere Leetch