Our cosmopolitan and rapidly growing city, Cancun, is known worldwide as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Mexican Caribbean, as well as the most exclusive in our country.

Only 20 years ago, this area located in the Yucatan Peninsula was a barely inhabited stretch of land, surrounded by jungles and wild animals. Residents from those days tell tales about leaning out of the window and finding all kinds of typical fauna like snakes, armadillos and even pumas. It's incredible to imagine this landscape nowadays, especially when we are surrounded by cement, shopping malls and buildings.

Today, Cancun is a modern tourist center that features the most heavenly beaches and an impressive infrastructure with the most luxurious and world-renowned hotel chains. Modernity has also brought certain repercussions to Cancun. The construction of buildings means a lack of green areas for flora and fauna and recreational space for leisure activities.

To cover these needs, we have a natural protected area, unique in Cancun called the Kabah Park, which features 41 hectares and where the activities promoted here are mainly leisure activities enhancing historic, artistic and cultural regional values. Here you can find many paths through the jungle where you can stroll along, admiring the flora and fauna that grow there. The park wasn't designed to be a zoo but it does provide a natural habitat for some endangered species of animals.

Nowadays, you can find turtles that have been donated to the park, as well as wild animals such as deer, coatis, badgers, squirrels and birds, all while walking along the winding paths.
This park also features the Casa Maya Museum that has on display a series of curious photographs of Cancun in its beginnings and of the pioneer citizens who first stepped on these lands. There are also Hotel Zone pictures from when this was deserted.

A picturesque attraction is the Campamento Chiclero (Bubblegum Camp) where there are representations of how Mayas produced chewing gum and climbed trees to get this resin. Explore the Solar Maya, a little replica house with its family orchard and water well.

Kabah Park is nowadays a unique recreational space for people who live in Cancun and just want to enjoy a space to relax in, exercise and spend a day with the family or just to contemplate the park animals. It is a great tourist attraction as well, where people can get to know the species, culture and history of the region.
Visit Kabah Park and experience a different journey, surrounded by the chirping of birds, coatis running around the park or deer walking stealthily through the forest.

Explore, experience, and plan your journey to Cancun, one of the world's most brilliant destinations — we'll help you get there.