The stunning tourist destination of Playa del Carmen has seen yet another one of its amazing attractions skyrocket in popularity over the past few years. This city boasts an unbeatable location right next to some of the Caribbean's most beautiful beaches, surrounded by nature parks, fascinating reefs, great golf courses and world class hotels; as if all this weren't enough, the city now hosts New Years parties in its bars, nightclubs, and, even better, all along its famous "Quinta Avenida" (meaning Fifth Avenue, in Spanish), drawing in tourists from all over the world every year.



The celebration really begins on the morning of December 31: faces change as smiles take over and people walk along Quinta Avenida discussing what they plan on wearing that night, the restaurant or bar where they'll spend the evening, and who they'll kiss at midnight.



Greetings and hugs are given all over Quinta Avenida throughout the day, among friends and strangers alike. Why not? The idea is to have fun, feel great, and spread the friendly atmosphere so that all the people lucky enough to spend New Years in Playa del Carmen are filled with positive vibes.



All you need to do is get close to Quinta Avenida in the afternoon, and you'll be instantly filled with the thrill and excitement that permeates the atmosphere and the people. Whether or not you spend the evening in a local restaurant is up to you. As the hour draws nearer on Quinta Avenida, it really won't matter if you're sitting inside an elegant restaurant, chatting with friends in a cafe for the low price of a few cups of coffee, or simply relaxing on a bench in the midst of the immense party.



Once the sun goes down, you can experience an impressive parade of all sorts of people, fashion, and parties, all of which have one thing in common: the love to celebrate. As seven, eight and nine o'clock roll by, and the end of the current year draws nearer, a wide variety of people and styles pass before the eyes of spectators on Quinta Avenida. Here, you're just as likely to see tuxedos and elegant dresses as Scottish kilts, Bermuda shorts and Panama hats, along with hats and glasses covered in flashing lights announcing the year to come.



Entire families dancing the night away with whistles and streamers... newlyweds celebrating their honeymoon by ringing in the new year in Mexico... everyone here has their own story and their own way of celebrating, and they all let their hair down on Quinta Avenida every December 31, creating a party that gets more exciting, flashy and fun every single year.



Once the countdown ends and you welcome in the New Year, fireworks fly, champagne bottles are uncorked, and best wishes are spread all around. This is when the night truly begins, never mind the fact that you've already been celebrating for hours. Playa del Carmen gives off a unique vibe every December 31, and it's something you don't want to miss out on.

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