Chichen Itza, world heritage site and ceremonial and military center of the Mayan culture, awaits you this next equinox so that you can be a part of an astronomical event that attracts people from all over the world.


Every year, the curious, the studied and the spiritual travel to this hidden destination in the midst of the lush Yucatecan jungle. Its buildings stretch to the sky, pointing towards the astrological mysteries that the Maya were able to decipher. Your trip would not be complete if you missed out on the experience that these ancestral ruins hold, located only two hours away from the city of Merida.


The Temple of Kukulcan is a silent and majestic example of the advanced engineering and mathematical skill of the ancient inhabitants of the Yucatan area. Why is it considered an architectonic exploit of the past? The answer can be found spinning in the immensity of space and in the natural forces that allow the change in seasons. 


The equinox is the point in the path of the earth, around the sun, when day and night are equal in length. This happens only twice a year: in March and in September. There are also two solstices: one in June and the other in December. The December solstice coincides with the final cycle of the Mayan calendar, related to the many prophecies that exist in this day and age.


The Maya, with their detailed study of cosmic movements, discovered the game of light and shadow that occurs on that particular day. As a tribute to the god, Kukulcan, they added decorative features that simulated the body of a serpent on the corners of the pyramid. As the sun moves across the heavens, it almost looks as if the shadows travel down the steps, finally reaching the head of Kukulcan, which is located at the base of the structure. And not only that, the number of steps on each side is also a reference to the Haab and Tzolkin calendars, making it an authentic three-dimensional calendar that was used by the inhabitants of the Yucatan. 



The event is a unique opportunity to learn about the mystical history of this lost civilization, spending time with all sorts of enthusiasts, tourists and experts who will be waiting in this archeological zone to share in this cosmic experience. Chichen Itza is the designated meeting spot for an impressive spiritual diversity that few places in the world can scarcely compare to. For this reason, it is recommended that you plan your visit in advance so that you are sure to have lodging at one of the hotels in the area. 

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