The spectacular Riviera Maya is located on the coast of the Mexican Caribbean, in the Yucatan Peninsula, with a territory of approximately 74.76 mi of precious beaches surrounded by an incredible turquoise sea, unique in the entire world. The gateway is in Puerto Morelos and ends in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, next to the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka'an.

This was the place where the Mayas saw their amazing civilization flourish and it is here where a lot of their traditions and celebrations are preserved. The Mayan civilization was characterized for having extensive knowledge in astronomy, mathematics, architecture and for their great advance in the spiritual field. At the present time, a lot of the incredible hotels which are located in the Riviera Maya offer in their spas, holistic methods and therapies to harmonize and integrate body, mind, and spirit. Yoga and meditation are among these practices, as well as holistic massages, Mayan mud treatments, temascal, energy cleansings, reflexology, aromatherapy and reiki, just to name a few.

Meditation is an Oriental practice that dates back thousands of years and its main purpose is to help achieve a deep state of joy and peace, as well as an experience of inexplicable happiness for no reason at all, which is the real nature of human beings. Its purpose is to help the person have an objective look at his/her life, avoiding stress and worries, making it easier to have quality interpersonal relationships which provide contentment to our lives, beginning with the relationship that we have with ourselves. It can have religious purposes or it can be focused only on the improvement of mental and physical health.

There are a lot of meditation methods but all of them have the same purpose and are used indistinctively according to the needs and characteristics of each personality. Recent research has proven that meditating at least 20 minutes everyday can contribute to improving noticeably our quality of life in all aspects: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.

In the same way, yoga is a discipline that arose in India approximately 5,000 years ago. Since the 8th century, a table of poses or "asanas" was made, as well as some breathing exercises. It didn't arrive to west till the middle of the 20th century. Nowadays, yoga has been spread worldwide with all its diversities, and with all the advantages it offers to take care of the body, mind, and spirit.

The word ''yoga'' means union, the union of the body and the mind with the divinity, in the research of personal knowledge and the awakening of individual energy, to harmonize ourselves with others and with the environment that surrounds us. There are numerous and diverse paths or types of yoga and each one adapts to the needs and physical capacities of each human being.

Yoga also helps us improve our perception, to widen the knowledge that we have about our body, to learn how to respect, love and accept it. It also helps to develop the capacity of feeling in order to awaken our inner consciousness. It is done together with some special breathing exercises called "pranayama" which allows for more energy, as well as oxygen, to enter our bodies and use it for our goal: our spiritual awakening.

These two disciplines can be found and practiced in many hotels in the Riviera Maya, from the simplest to the biggest and the most spectacular properties. An example of some are: Cabanas Los Lirios, Aventura Spa Palace, La Casa de los Angeles, Alhambra, Cabanas Copal, Ceiba del Mar, and Maroma Resort and Spa.

The practice of both disciplines is always performed under the supervision of highly qualified people that have been professionally trained. So, that is why a trip to the Riviera Maya can be a magic doorway to our inner conscience, to considerably improve the quality of our lives in all senses and be in complete harmony.

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