Cancun's Nightlife


Cancun's days are delightful, but it's after dusk that the city really lights up. More than just Spring Breakers flock to the city—there are plenty of bars, crawls, and nightclubs in Cancun to suit any party-going style.  Come with friends or come alone! Either way,  we can promise that you won’t regret living it up in the heat of Cancun's nightlife. 




Many nightclubs in the hotel zone are conveniently grouped together in the northern range of the Hotel Zone.  Coco Bongo, Mandala Disco, Mandala Beach, the City Nightclub, Dady’o Nightclub, and Sr. Frog’s all feature open bars and 500+ visitor capacities. Plus, they are all open until 5 a.m, so you won’t ever have to worry about closing times cramping your style.   

Want to shake it up? There are plenty of bar crawls, night tours, booze cruises, shows, and other events throughout the strip and the entire Riviera Maya. Check out our spring break page for more. 

Night Tours in Cancun