Get there by

Car or Taxi, and Ferry

2-3 hours by car or taxi to Chiquila, 20-30 minutes ferry to Holbox. There are no paved roads on the island, so exploration is best done on foot, bicycle, dune buggy, or golf cart.



Avg. Night Stay




Holbox is a hidden gem of natural wonder and secluded relaxation. Watch flamingoes in their natural habitat, swim with whalesharks, then sway in your beachside hammock and sip from a coconut as the sun sets over the water.


A Secluded Island Get-away


Holbox (pronounced “hol-bo-sh”) means "black hole” in ancient Mayan and was named for a tiny, dark colored lagoon on the southern tip of the island. The majority of the island’s inhabitants are fishers, and the atmosphere hums with the same unhurried pace that it has for years. Free-standing hammocks and quaint lodgings make the island perfect for getting away from the bustle of touristy areas and simply being


But don’t let that fool you-- the culture of the island has its own kind of liveliness, especially at night, when people gather together in the town to eat, drink, and entertain. Holbox cuisine consists mainly of fresh and healthy seafood obtained directly from local fishermen, and common dishes include lobster (Holbox style), delicious shrimp, crab, tuna, clams, and octopus. Don’t leave without trying the traditional "ceviche" and fish empanadas. Make sure to try drinks made using fresh coconut water harvested from coconuts on the island. 


secluded holbox


Birds, Fish, and Wildlife


The island is also a hotspot for eco-tourism. The government has protected the island  (as part of the Yucatan’s Yum Balam nature reserve) to ensure the continued survival of the extraordinary local wildlife. Thousands of birds nest on and around the island, including flamingoes, snowy egrets, white ibis, double-crested cormorants, roseate spoonbills, reddish egrets, boat-billed herons, as well as white and grey pelicans.


Just 30 minutes away from the island is “Isla Pajaros” (the Isle of the Birds)-- a birdwatcher’s paradise. This delightful little islet, comprised of mangroves and cacti, features several wooden towers and walkways that make it easy to watch and listen to over 150 species in their natural habitat. 


birds in holbox


Getting Around 


Getting to Chiquila (the port town across the water from Holbox) takes 2-3 hours by car or taxi from Cancun.  A quick ferry ride of 20-30 minutes takes you the rest of the way to the island.  The entire island is a long 25 miles of rugged terrain, so extensive exploration is best done by bicycle, dune buggy, or golf cart.