Traveling to Cancun with a Group


Traveling with a group? You’ve picked the right spot to bring your crew.  Whether you’re hosting a business retreat or a family reunion, Cancun is brimming with enough sights, sounds, tastes, and sandy beaches to delight even the most hard-to-please traveler.  


Still, it pays off to be prepared. Here, we’ve gathered the best feedback from travelers who have planned (successful) group trips to Cancun for themselves and others. 


What to Prepare Before Your Trip

  • Make sure everyone is ready to travel with a non-expiring passport, including infants and  children. For more information, or to apply for a US passport, visit the US Passports Website.

  • If you take prescription medication, pack a few extra pills in case you end up facing a delay or a flight cancellation.

  • Have the right currency ready. Although many places do accept American dollars, it’s a good idea to have Pesos with you.

  • Pack t-shirts, shorts, and dresses if you’re visiting Cancun in the summer. If you’re going closer to winter, it’s a good idea to bring a light jacket and pants for the cooler nights.

  • Bring your personal items from hair products and toothpaste to accessories. Even though Cancun has a wide variety of stores, having the essentials with you will give you more time to get out and enjoy your vacation.


Traveling  from the Airport


Getting to Cancun from the airport can be one of the most stressful parts of the trip, but booking enough shuttles beforehand will let your groups quickly bypass the after-customs chaos and head straight for the city. This is our recommended approach, as the taxi prices at the airport tend to be extremely steep and unregulated.


Where to Stay


Resorts and Hotels in Cancun are thematically diverse and cater to a wide array of lifestyles and tastes. Some are extremely family friendly, others are peaceful and relaxed (no children allowed), while others are clearly “adult-only.”  Make sure you take this into consideration when searching for rooms.’s hotel search can help you quickly identify and sort through lodging options to find those that will be most suitable for the members and size of your group. 


Group Activities


If you’re visiting Cancun with a big group for business, you’ll be delighted by the ballroom size spaces you can rent. The hotels in Cancun have the latest technology, large conference rooms, desk areas, various fine-dining options, outdoor venues, and an array of activities including basketball, tennis, and water sports. 


If you’re coming with friends for fun, or just want some team building time with your coworkers, Cancun has something that everyone in the group will enjoy. Visit historic ruins from Chichen Itza to Tulum, travel to colonial cities for an authentic taste of Mexican cuisine and culture, or take a dive into the breathtakingly beautiful cenotes. Whatever you decide to do, there are a lot of places in Cancun that you and your entire group can explore together. 


Ready to get your trip started? Browse’s hotels to find the best accommodations for you and your group.