The Perfect Wedding in Cancun

You’ve decided to have your wedding in Cancun. Great! But where do you start? Lucky for you, you’re not alone. With an endless coastline, beautiful turquoise water, and pristine beaches Cancun is one of the top wedding destinations worldwide. What that means for you is that there are a lot of topnotch vendors and locations to choose from. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of everything you need to consider to pull off the perfect wedding. 

Five Steps to the Perfect Wedding 


Take a Trip out There First


Before you select a resort, make sure to take a trip out to the location. Sometimes things look different in pictures than they do in person. Also, face-to-face communication makes it much easier to explain exactly what you’re looking for rather than having a phone or email conversations. 


Time It Right


Cancun’s weather is mostly sunny and warm year round, but the area does have a strong hurricane season--between August to October--that you want to avoid at all costs. Weather wise, it’s best to get married between January - April in Cancun when the weather is in the mid 70s to low 80s in the day time. 


Besides the weather, you’ll also want to consider Mexico’s holidays. Weddings aren’t performed on certain days of the year, so be sure to take a close look at the calendar before sending out your save the date cards. 


Vet Vendors Thoroughly


When you’re planning a destination wedding it’s important to vet vendors carefully to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Looking at portfolios and customer reviews is a good start, but if possible, plan an in person consultation. Working with someone you get along with and that understands your vision can relieve some of the stress. 


Make Travel Plans 


It’s always best to have your travel plans solidified well in advance of your big day. Last thing you want is to try and find flights and hotel rooms weeks before your wedding. Also, be sure to give your bridal party and other guests ample time to book their trip, so they can make the right accommodations. 



Prepare Marriage Documents


Getting married abroad always has unique requirements--and Cancun is no exception. To legalize your wedding in Cancun you’ll need a few things. 


Valid passport. You’ll need to present this at the time of planning your wedding. 


Tourist card. The card you receive when you arrive at Cancun’s airport.  


Single status affidavit. This states that you’re single and that you’re free to get married. 


Health certificate. You’ll have to do a blood test for HIV and STDs. The tests will cost around $250 USD, and results take about 24 hours. 


Witnesses. Make sure you have at least four witnesses with you at the ceremony. They’ll also need a passport and tourist card. 


Other documentation. Have your divorce or a death certificate ready if applicable. 


If the thought of all this paperwork gives you anxiety, don’t worry. You can always have a symbolic wedding in Cancun with your family and friends and have the legal one at city hall in your home town. 



Wedding Resorts


Ready to start planning? Find the perfect hotel at, or choose from one of these top resorts for your happily ever after.