Spring Break in Cancun


Spring Break in Cancun is a college student’s dream. Every year, hundreds of students flock to the Caribbean shores for a taste of what Cancun has to offer. The party never stops when you’re in Cancun--from bikini contests and live shows to music festivals and poolside relaxation--this is the place to be. During this time of year nightclubs put on more events to please the large crowds, and resorts cater specifically to Spring Breakers, so you can keep the party going from morning to night without any interruptions. 


We’ve researched the best places to stay, party, and explore so you can get the most out of your Spring Break trip in Cancun. 


Best places to stay


Grand Oasis Cancun 


Go big at Grand Oasis Cancun. This all-inclusive resort packs seventeen bars, sixteen restaurants, and a full service spa throughout the premises. And it only gets better. You’ll be entertained by live concerts, fun festivals, themed parties, and a must-see burlesque cabaret show. When you’re ready to relax, head over to the pool or beach to take in the incredible Caribbean views as you lounge. 


Krystal Cancun


Walk right into the party from Krystal Cancun. Located right in the heart of Cancun’s “Party Center,” Krystal Cancun is the closest hotel to all the hottest nightclubs. With day parties, drinking events, and a variety of restaurants, there’s always something going on. When you’re ready for a night of dancing, simply step outside the front door of the resort and you’ll be immersed by Cancun’s lively nightlife. 


Where to party 


Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo has it all and then some. Known for its incredible and extravagant shows that include acrobatic performances, circus acts, trance music, and a wild explosion of confetti streamers--you’ll be in for a wild night. The cover is a bit high, but with an unlimited open bar, it’s well worth every peso.




Dady’O is a wild trip. With bikini and beachbody contests, themed parties, and popular DJ and celebrity hosts, it’s no wonder this place is one of the most popular clubs in town. Dance to popular hits under fun laser effects, and enjoy the unlimited open bar until the sun comes up. 


Fun activities


Dancer Cruise 


Move to the rhythm of Cancun on the Dancer Cruise. Climb aboard the three-story catamaran and dance the night away as it sails across the coast. This seven hour cruise includes two stops that are perfect for snorkeling opportunities in the coral reefs of Isla Mujeres. When you’re ready to relax, simply lay back in your lounge chair and take in the beautiful surroundings of the Caribbean.


Ruin Exploration 


Lace up your hiking shoes and get ready to explore the ruins. Cancun has a rich history with ancient ruin cities strewn right outside the busy city center. If you want to stay close to the Hotel Zone, visit El Rye located right in Cancun. Or head about an hour outside of the city to see the ruins in Tulum, one of the most scenic destinations in the Yucatan. 


How to Prepare for Your Spring Break in Cancun


  • Make sure your passport is current and not close to expiring.

  • Brush up on the laws to ensure you’re not accidently breaking any of them.

  • Get your Pesos ready. Although some places in Mexico still accept USD, it’s better to be prepared with local currency.

  • Hit the gym before your trip. A lot of people will be flashing their bodies along the beach, so get ready to join in the fun!

  • Have transportation ready before you arrive at the airport to avoid high taxi prices.


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