Wonder of the World

The most exciting tours to the Mayan world are with Xichén! Enjoy a trip to the Chichén Itzá archaeological site and discover why it’s one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Watch the majestic El Castillo pyramid where the equinox light and shadows phenomenon takes place twice a year.

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Explore Mayan Vestiges


Your tour will provide a guided experience through these world-famous Mayan vestiges, including ancient temples.




Tulum Tour


Other options include a visit to a park plus a guided tour to Tulum, the picturesque ancient walled city on the coast of the Caribbean Sea.


The City of Valladolid


Once the tour around Chichen Itza is over, visit the beautiful city of Valladolid, where you can shop and see the city's old colonial buildings, such as the Church, the Main Plaza, historic center, and the Cathedral of St. Gervasio.  Here you can try authentic and exquisite cuisine specialties from Yucatan, in the exclusive Casona of Valladolid. 




Don’t think the adventure ends here! On the way back, visit the Cenote Zaci, a natural cave in the region's underwater river system that will surprise you with its astonishing beauty. 



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