Adventure by Moonlight

Thrilling activities in the jungle are waiting for you at Xplor Fuego. This evening activity will boost your adrenaline while you swim in a “Lava River”, or paddle your raft through an underground river.

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ATV Jungle Tour


Looking for even more adventure? Hop on an amphibious vehicle and drive on trails in the middle of the jungle and underground through natural caves.



amphibious vehicles

Zip-lines Under The Stars


For the ultimate Fuego experience, there is an exciting zip-line course over the jungle and under the starry night sky. Sail over the tree line at nearly 150 feet in the air and take in the beauty of the Riviera Maya all around you.




Hot Beverages, Snacks and Dinner Included


To top off all the adrenaline-filled activities, Xplor Fuego includes an expansive BBQ buffet and non-alcoholic beverages to recharge your energy and get you back out there for even more fun!





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